Thursday, September 23, 2010

the holy ghost tells it like it is.......

however, are we willing to listen? is our heart soft to the promptings of the holy ghost? are our minds and ears open to listen and act? these are questions that i ask i myself constantly everyday.
   the holy ghost is the one that is our teacher and if we are not willing to listen to him and do as he asks us to do then we will not recieve of his help until we are willing. the holy ghost is the one that testifies of the truth, he is the one that can help us and prompt us to do that which our Heavenly Father has in store for us. moroni 10:5 states, "And by the power if the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things." it truly is by the power of the holy ghost that we can know the truth. it is by the holy ghost that the "mysteries of God can be unfolded" (1 nephi 10:19). it is hard to understand sometimes the role of the holy ghost, but he truly is the one that teaches us and helps guide us to where Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are. what a great and heavy role he does play.
    so how do we know when he is teaching us and helping us. well we all feel and hear the holy ghost in many different ways. in galatins 5:22-23 it reads, "But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentelness, goddness, faith. Meekeness, temperance:...." . the holy ghost can come in a still small voice or by ways of emotion and feeling. it can be a burning or in some cases the chills. the holy ghost touches us all in very different ways.
    the reason i write about this is because it is something that i have been thinking a lot about lately. i have been thinking about those who we are teaching and inviting to come unto christ, and wondering how is it that they are knowing the truth to what we have to teach them, because i know that i am only speaking words to them. then i realized that i may be only speaking words but it is the holy ghost that is testifying to them the truthfulness of the gospel, i am merely and instrument in the hands of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
   i am so grateful for this oppurtunity that i have to share the gospel with others and to invite others to come unto Christ. what a great and noble work it is and i am so glad to be apart of it all. there really is nothing more special to me than to see a child of our Heavenly Father enter into His kingdom, and it is through the Holy Ghost that it all begins.
   so i pose the question again are we willing to listen? is our heart soft to the promptings of the holy ghost? are our minds and ears open to listen and to act?

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